Sunday, April 28, 2013

...and still more delayed sprouts.

Below are some more sprouts that germinated in late April, after being in the ground for three or four weeks.  Also, some that grew from roots or tubers, but also emerged later than normal due to the cold early Spring.

Carrots (left) have a thin, shiny cotyledon.
Cilantro, also in the Umbellifer family, are a similar size as carrots, but have wider, rounder cotyledons.


Potatoes are in the nightshade family, and while the plants are very similar to tomatoes, we generally grow them from other tubers, so the new shoots are not in fact seedlings. The first leaves will just pop out of the ground and soon a full grown plant will emerge.

Horseradish (below) is a brassica, and like the potato, we do not grow these from seed.  The shoots will emerge from the roots, so will soon grow into large, true leaves.  The first shoots are very sharp and fern-like.


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