Sunday, April 21, 2013

More delayed sprouts...

Thanks to a cold early Spring, some of our early crops are coming in a bit late.  But, they are germinating as expected, so all is well.  It seems that the only risk of planting early is the delay, but no lost crops.

I was surprised how long it took the peas and fava beans to show a sign of life.  These are considered the earliest of "cold weather" crops, and some took three or four weeks to germinate

Fava Bean

Fava Bean
Fava beans and peas are both legumes that have similar looking early sprouts.  Their cotyledons stay underground, while curled up true leaves are the first to emerge. 
Yellow-veined chard
Chard, and also beets (which are both the same species, Beta vulgaris) take a little long to germinate, and then will grow slowly during the beginning of the gardening season.  These chard sprouts in the photo were in a very sunny, south-facing planter, so emerged within two weeks.  I have others planted in shadier areas that have still yet to germinate after four weeks. 

This particular lettuce is growing very fast, especially in comparison to the general slow pace of the other lettuces.  They certainly don't all grow at the same rates.  These were planted nearly four weeks earlier and already have a few true leaves.

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