Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Final verdict on early planting

After a few days of warm weather (70s and even some low-80s), plus steady watering, we finally do have a lot of germination from many of the early sown seeds.  These are the seeds that were planted as early as three weeks ago, right before and after our mini-blizzard, plus some that were planted as recently as ten days ago.  The more recent sowing should soon germinate.

Most of the expected are germinating: arugula, radishes, turnips, kale, kohlrabi, pak choy, lettuce and spinach.  We are still waiting for the Beta Vulgaris species (beets and chard) as well as carrots, but those take longer, so no surprise.  I would have expected the fava beans and peas to have already germinated, but still not giving up hope.  As seen in the photos, the brassicas have similar looking cotyledons, while the lettuce and spinach are in different families so a lot more distinguishable.

So, the final verdict is that the early sowing really was fine, and these seeds can just wait around in the soil for a few weeks as the temperature warms up...  We have done this for a few years, but this was the coolest early Spring where I planted this early.  Meanwhile, most other gardeners are starting to think about their garden right now (April 10th) and ours is starting to sprout.


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